Huu-ay-aht citizens to receive distribution from Specific Claims settlement

Huu-ay-aht First Nations Executive Council wishes to notify citizens that this year the Nation will issue citizens a distribution of $2,470 from a recent Specific Claims settlement.

A total of $6.3 million was recently paid by Canada to Huu-ay-aht as settlement for the Numakamis Road Specific Claims case. This involved the construction and use of logging roads on the former Numakamis IR1. These funds will be divided into three equal amounts of $2.1 million. One third will go to the distribution to citizens, and the remaining funds will be used in ways that will offer long-term benefits to citizens.

The remaining amount will be invested in the following way:

  • $1 million to the Invested Wealth Fund
  • $100,000 to reimburse the Specific Claims budget line item
  • $1 million for a Bamfield Road Capital Reserve to cover any possible overages of the Bamfield Road project
  • $2.1 million will be used to fund future Huu-ay-aht investments or economic development projects as determined in Huu-ay-aht’s financial planning and budgeting process.

The citizen distributions will be issued on December 10, 2021. Due to COVID, there will be no office pick up of cheques. The funds will be either mailed or issued by direct deposit. Citizens are encouraged to update their contact information or banking information for direct deposit as soon as possible. If your information has not changed, there is no need to contact the Nation.

As per the distribution administration policy, dividend shares of a minor (under the age of 19) must be placed in trust.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 250-723-0100 for more information.