Executive Council makes decision regarding distribution to minors

Executive Council passed the attached motion this morning regarding distributions to minors.
With respect to making distribution payments to minor citizens, Executive Council has a fiduciary obligation to make decisions in the best interests of each minor citizen. In keeping with this obligation, Executive Council has decided that the Nation will hold funds in trust for minor citizens until they each reach the age of majority (19).
However, Executive Council recognizes that in some circumstances it will be in the best interests of a minor citizen to allow their parents or guardians to access distribution funds on their behalf in advance of their nineteenth birthday. Decisions about when this is so must be made on a case by case basis.
The Citizen Development Committee will be responsible for recommending a policy regarding distributions to minors. Executive Council has directed the committee to develop recommendations with respect to those aspects of the policy that relate to the application process for early distributions to minors on an expedited basis and that the committee report back to the Executive Council regarding those recommendations by November 29. An update will be provided to citizens once Executive Council has had an opportunity to consider those recommendations. In order to give time to ensure that the policy is well thought out and can be implemented in a good way, it is expected that it will be in place early in the new year.