Sockeye and Halibut Update for 2017

We are not expecting any sockeye allocation this year. To allow the fish to move up the river to spawn, no sector will fish sockeye this year. Our Treaty rights to sockeye are second only to conservation – however the Somass run is expected to be only 170,000, for there to be any fishing, there needs to be a minimum of 200,000.

There will be no commercial or recreational fishing of sockeye for 2017.

What does that mean for sport fishermen? – They cannot harvest sockeye.

What does that mean for Huu-ay-aht harvesters fishing for personal use? – They cannot harvest sockeye.

Even though our Nation is committed to supporting sockeye conservation this year, the Lands and Resources team will strive to deliver a smooth distribution for the Food Fish program that puts other fish on citizen’s plates. Please ensure your contact information is up to date. This can be done online at .

Halibut Food Fish Update

 Halibut contracts are in place now. Once distributions dates are set, we will post a notice online and also make phone calls. Please update your phone number and address as soon as possible if you have recently moved or if you are moving for the summer.

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