Dr. Heather Castleden says nučhakaƛa to learn from Huu-ay-aht

Dr. Heather Castleden, Queen’s University Research Chair, has embraced Huu-ay-aht culture as it if were her own. This video is a way to say  nučhakaƛa (I am proud) of  working with the Elders and other Citizens.

“You let me learn! Did you know that tree core sampling can tell you how old Kiix̣in is? Did you know that my Elders can tell you that too without counting the rings? Did you know that salmon feeds cedar? My Elders told me that too.”

Heather came with open arms and open eyes to the Nation and has let the world know more about its wonders through her research. This is what Huu-ay-aht 101 will do in the future for people who have not been raised in Treaty Settlement Lands, business partners and staff.