Kimƛkimƛa – Wišqii shares the “Victory song”

If you want to understand what your Huu-ay-aht ancestors felt when they caught a whale, listen to the Kimƛkimƛa (Victory song). In this video, Wišqii tells how “Everyone benefited from catching the whale.”

Learn and celebrate the bounty we have all received. “They (new generations) can also benefit in our culture and history as well.”


One thought on “Kimƛkimƛa – Wišqii shares the “Victory song”

  1. Thank you Nephew for sharing the stories you have shared to date. It just shows how valuable the cultural history of our Nation is. It is through your teachings that we will relive our past and hopefully will be a healing tool for all of us one way or another, that it will be a way to build a strong healthy Nation.
    With appreciation,
    Aunty, Marge

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