Elections – 2015

The Huu-ay-aht First Nations 2015 Election is on June 20, 2015 for Chief Councillor and Five Councillors. Kit Spence has been appointed by Executive Council as the 2015 Election Commissioner and can be contacted by telephone at 1-250-881-0142 or by email at HFN_Election_Commissioner@shaw.ca

Please see the following notices:

Elections Information Package

Notice of Elections – 12 CandidatesUpdated 2015-05-29

Notice of Elections for Chief Councillor and Five Councillors

Notice of Nominated Candidates

Voters without addresses
Notice of Posting of Voters List-April30
Nomination Package 2015 Updated April 28, 2015
Notice of Nominations
Notice of Posting of Voters List
Oath of Office for Election Commissioner
Election Act Forms Regulation




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  1. you want us to leave a comment .. now it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”

  2. on the right side in the little boxes .. why does it say “LNG -FAQ” what has LNG got to do with our elections ..

    1. ƛuł ma ʔap win (tluthl up win, Good afternoon), Stella! ƛ̓eko for your comment! The sidebar contains buttons that we use to highlight certain sections within the website. LNG-FAQ corresponds to Frequently Asked Questions about the proposed LNG project for Sarita Bay. There is no relation between them in terms of topics. After the Elections, we will delete this button. Please consider it just an extra menu. ̌čuu!

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