HFN citizens go on facility tour in Alberta

A delegation of Huu-ay-aht First Nations citizens is heading on a fact-finding trip to visit a natural gas operation in Alberta.

The trip will take place Sept. 4 and 5, and will include eight Huu-ay-aht citizens who represent a cross-section of the population and different segments of the community.

The purpose of the trip is to find out more about the operation as it relates to the proposed project between Steelhead LNG and Huu-ay-aht. They will be travelling to northern Alberta to view facilities in operation. They will speak with officials who built and operate the facilities, local First Nations and will have the opportunity to learn more and ask questions.

The delegation will include the following people, including who they represent and the reason they were chosen:

Elected Chief Councillor Jeff Cook and Councillors Tom Happynook and John Jack will represent the executive council. Tom Happynook and John Jack are leads on this project for Huu-ay-aht council. Roy Werner is a citizen from Port Alberni who is also a local fisherman. Marie Newfield is a citizen of Anacla and will represent Huu-ay-aht elders. Andy Clappis is an Anacla citizen and Ha-wiih. Stephen Rayner is a Parksville citizen, and, as an employee of HFN, will represent the infrastructure and engineering department. Heather Clappis is a young HFN citizen living in Vancouver, she will represent HFN youth.

Following the tour, members of the delegation will make presentations at the various Community Information Sessions being held on Sept. 16 (Port Alberni), Sept. 17 (Anacla) and Sept. 18 (Vancouver). HFN citizens are encouraged to attend the session closest to where they live in order to learn more about the project and the trip to Alberta.