Process for Distributing Food Fish

  1. All citizens on the Current Citizens list will be eligible for food fish at the location the Huu-ay-aht Office has on file. It is the citizen’s responsibility to inform the office of any change of address or town.
  2. Citizens will sign up with staff when they arrive at location of distribution and write down their names in order of arrival.  They will be required to sign off to confirm they have received their fish.
  3. For citizens wanting to have their fish picked up by another family member, they will need to inform the office of who will be picking it up for them and they will need to have a signed note to give to staff at the location of distribution.  These fish will be handed out after everyone that is there in person has their fish.  A list of those requesting pick up will be made for citizens with notes.
  4. Fish will only be distributed during the hours specified.  Refer to our website and Facebook page for specific times.
  5. Due to liability concerns, HFN Government staff will be the only ones to handle the fish and distribute it to citizens.  No one will be allowed to pick their own fish from the truck.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the office at 250-723-0100.