5 Days Until Peoples’ Assembly


The People’s Assembly was established as a check and balance on Huu-ay-aht Government’s obligation to act lawfully and in the best interests of present and future generations of Huu-ay-aht citizens.

A citizen at the People’s Assembly may make a motion and if the motion is passed by the People’s Assembly, that resolution must be considered by Executive Council at its first regular meeting after the Assembly.

How to Make a Citizen’s Motion:

  • Review the proposed People’s Assembly Agenda to see if your motion falls under a topic on the Agenda. If you are not sure, ask the Speaker when the Speaker asks for additions to the Agenda.  If it is a new topic, the Speaker will ask the People’s Assembly to approve adding it to the Agenda.


  • Write out the motion as clearly as you can setting out: what you want Executive Council to do, any follow up action Executive Council should take, and the date when any follow up action should be completed. Huu-ay-aht Legal Counsel is available to help you with the wording of the motion and to ensure it complies with Huu-ay-aht law. Note that before your motion is considered, the Speaker may require the People’s Assembly to pass an additional motion to waive report requirements.


  • When your topic is reached on the Agenda, the Speaker will ask for motions. State that you have a motion you wish to move. You will need a seconder for the motion. The Speaker will ask for discussion on your motion and then ask the Assembly if there is consensus on the motion. If there is no consensus, a vote may be called on the motion.


If you have any questions, please ask the Speaker (Angela Wesley at the Port Alberni meeting), the Assistant Speaker (Kathy Waddell at the Burnaby meeting) or Huu-ay-aht Legal Counsel.

It’s less than a week until Peoples’ Assembly.  Have you determined how you are getting there?

The Peoples’ Assembly, Bringing Our People Together, is taking place on Saturday, November 30.

Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Where: TWO locations, Port Alberni’s Barclay Hotel and Burnaby’s Executive Inn (4201 Lougheed Hwy., near Gilmore Skytrain Station).

If you require transportation to Port Alberni from southern Vancouver Island, have you contacted Kristen Young in the Anacla Government Office to put your name on the list?  Call 1-888-644-4555 or email reception@huuayaht.org.

Pictured today: Sherri Cook invites you to the Peoples’ Assembly.  “Our HFN meeting is a GREAT opportunity for ALL citizens to come learn more about what our nation is doing on our behalf and ask questions or voice concerns about the direction we are going. Don’t miss the opportunity to exercise your rights as an HFN Citizen. Hope to see you all there! Chuuuuuuu.”

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