3 Days Until Peoples’ Assembly

Only 3 Days until Peoples’ Assembly.  Have you determined how you are getting there?

The Peoples’ Assembly, Bringing Our People Together, is taking place on Saturday, November 30.

Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Where: TWO locations, Port Alberni’s Barclay Hotel and Burnaby’s Executive Inn (4201 Lougheed Hwy., near Gilmore Skytrain Station).

If you require transportation to Port Alberni from southern Vancouver Island, have you contacted Kristen Young in the Anacla Government Office to put your name on the list?  Call 1-888-644-4555 or email reception@huuayaht.org.

Pictured today with chims at the Port Alberni Chamber of Commerce is our Speaker, Angela Wesley.  It’s a perfect opportunity to learn a bit more about what the roles and responsibilities of the Speaker are…

What is the Speaker supposed to speak about?

  • The Speaker has to preside over sessions of the Legislature (when Executive Council passes new laws in February and March), as well as any Peoples’ Assembly.    Their job is much more than the job title describes: they need to act as the chairperson, maintain order, encourage consensus in decision making, and ensure that every Huu-ay-aht citizen that wishes to speak has a reasonable opportunity to do so.

What happens if there isn’t consensus on a motion, and there has to be a vote?  What if the Speaker doesn’t agree with the motion?

  • The Speaker cannot vote or otherwise indicate support or opposition to a motion before the Peoples’ Assembly.   The Speaker can’t even take part in the discussion about the motion. Their role is to ensure that everyone who wants to speak to the motion has a reasonable opportunity to do so.

What if there are people at the Assembly who are disruptive?  Can the Speaker do anything about it?

  • The Speaker may order the removal of a person whose behaviour interferes with the maintenance of order and decorum in a session.

So the Speaker ensures that everything runs smoothly?

  • Exactly.  The Speaker may consult with the Law Clerk, and invite submissions from Huu-ay-aht citizens before deciding questions of order, practice and procedure of the Peoples’ Assembly.  However,  the Speaker must announce, and give reasons for, their decision on any question of order, practice and procedure of the Peoples’ Assembly. A decision of the Speaker is final and binding on the Peoples’ Assembly.

On November 30, Angela Wesley has again taken on the enormous responsibility as our Speaker at the Peoples’ Assembly in Port Alberni.  At the Burnaby location, Kathy Waddell will act as the Assistant Speaker.

Says Angela, I’m honoured once again to be acting as Speaker for the upcoming Huu-ay-aht Peoples’ Assembly.  I pay special tribute to the organizing team who have worked hard to incorporate a spirit of unity and success into this Assembly while at the same time allowing for business to be conducted.  I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends, hearing the voices of our people seeking to help our government and our Nation to move forward in a positive way … and to having some fun and seeing our culture alive!

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