Call to Citizens for Speaker

The Constitution Act States:

Section 2.30:  Huu-ay-aht First Nations Council shall, in consultation with Ha’wiih Council, appoint a Speaker who shall preside over the proceedings of the Legislature and the People’s Assembly.

The Government Act states:

Section 39(2):  A Speaker appointed by Executive Council must:

(a) be an honoured and respected Huu-ay-aht citizen

(b) have the necessary experience, wisdom and impartiality to fairly and effectively discharge the powers, duties and functions of Speaker
(c) be generally knowledgeable about Huu-ay-aht laws including the Constitution, Huu-ay-aht Legislation and Huu-ay-aht Customary Law.

For more information or to submit your name to be considered for appointment to Speaker position, please contact Deborah Smith, Executive Assistant & Deputy Law Clerk at or 250-723-0100.

Deadline  Ongoing
Honoraria and travel expenses will be provided for successful appointee.