Message from Larry Johnson, Director of Lands & Natural Resources

The time has come again to catch and distribute sockeye food fish. We are in the process of contracting our own fishermen to catch our sockeye with the help of a couple of commercial gillnetters.

This is to notify citizens that within two weeks you will be receiving a phone call notifying you (48 hours) when and where your food fish will be distributed.

If you have moved recently please notify the Nation of your new contact numbers and addresses; this is important for benefits like food fish.

We have budgeted for 5 sockeye per person. The Fisheries staff will be doing the distribution and will require you to sign for fish you are taking for your family. The citizens in attendance will be served first and citizens with notes will have their fish and notes distributed last.

Please be patient as staff are working hard to provide this service to our citizens. I will send another notice once we start halibut fishing.


Larry Johnson
Director of Lands & Natural Resources
Huu-ay-aht First Nations
Work: 250-723-0100 ext # 227

One thought on “Message from Larry Johnson, Director of Lands & Natural Resources

  1. Hi Larry. I just read a book ( Voices Of The Elders) Huu-ay-aht Histories and Legends which my girfriend bought for me in Ucluelet today. I learned a lot about the Huu-ay-aht history and I am pleased that the Huu-ay-aht have gained a lot more of their ancestral lands back. Hopefully we will meet again. Take care.
    Greg Hall ( Graham’s brother).

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