Trades Discovery Program Application Form

Huu-ay-aht is committed to move the Nation forward. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals by filling out this form:

PDF version

DOCX version




3 thoughts on “Trades Discovery Program Application Form

  1. I have filled out the e-mail version of this trades application I want to give Edward Johnson permission to go ahead with my application as Iam unable to get to the access program to fill this application out myself.I want this trades progrmm to bett

    1. ʔuuʔuukukma (It is a nice day), Jackson!
      ƛ̓eko (tl̓-eko, Thank you!) for your comment. Here you are the three versions of the form. We will forward your comment to Education too.

      1) Electronic version that goes directly to Education (bottom of the page):

      2) PDF to be sent via email or fax:

      3) .docx to be sent via email or fax:


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