JOHN ALAN JACK, traditional name Sayaač̓atḥ, is in his fifth term as a Member of Council, returning as Chief Councillor for the Huu-ay-aht First Nations (HFN). With experience in treaty related matters and administration predating his election, John has extensive knowledge and expertise in matters of Huu-ay-aht law, governance practices, administrative systems and overall corporate memory. He has a breadth of experience in working with various local, provincial, federal governments and businesses of all sizes.

John attended Vancouver Island University (VIU) and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (with Distinction) in Global Studies, which is an interdisciplinary approach to history, geography, political science and economics with an international and global focus. Recently, he has been appointed to the Board of Governors for VIU. He also serves as Vice Chair for the Island Coastal Economic Trust, a provincial body created to help fund community economic development projects. He is also a Board Member and Chair for the Gathering Voices Society, where focus is given on bridging the modern and the traditional methods of land and natural resource management practices.

In his time with HFN, John has held nearly every major file in his portfolio – Finance, External Relations, and the Alberni- Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) as major files in his portfolio. In addition, he has been the Nation’s representative to the ACRD since 2012, and he has been its Chair since 2016. He also serves on the Law and Policy Development Committee, the Personnel Committee as well as acting as Chair for the Huumiis Ventures Limited Partnership, which acts as the holding company for HFN’s 35% stake in Tree Farm License 44.

John is a strong believer in good governance practices, constructive and meaningful relationships with government and business, and focused collaboration in a global context. The foundation for success for his community, for the region, for the province and the country is rooted in collaboration and mutual understanding of incentive, interest, and opportunity.

He lives in Oceanside on Vancouver Island in British Columbia with his loving and patient wife, two lively and beautiful daughters, and a boisterous young son.

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  1. Hi John

    Sharon Hobenshield here from VIU. I am following up on conversations you had with Ralph regarding Student Interns for the summer. MasterCard has provided some funding in this area for this summer and I would like to follow up with you or whoever you identify to discuss further.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you,

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