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Public Notice of Timber Harvesting

HFN Forestry L.P. has proposed three (3) timber harvest cutblocks and associated road(s) right-ofways; all located within HFN TSL. For the full public notice, click here. For a map of the proposed harvest area, click here.  Note that area is highlighted in purple. Please contact Stephen Rayner with questions and comments at stephen.r@huuayaht,org    

Huu-ay-aht secures new Port Alberni office space

Huu-ay-aht First Nations is on the road to self-government, and this has meant hiring a dozen new staff members since May. Huu-ay-aht Government is becoming a major employer in the Alberni Valley, and this dynamic organization is developing exciting business opportunities for its citizens. In order to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities, Huu-ay-aht requires […] 

HFN Youth Conference: Nov. 7/8 in Port Alberni

Huu-ay-aht First Nations wants to make sure youth in the community are ready to take advantages of future education and job opportunities. As recently discussed at the Community Engagement Sessions, the possibility of developing an LNG facility in Sarita Bay could create jobs in Huu-ay-aht homelands. Huu-ay-aht wants to make sure everyone is ready to […] 

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