Wildfires are a hazard which affect all areas of BC. Weather has a significant effect on the potential for a wildfire to occur. Dry, hot conditions generally relate to the highest risk of wildfire. Public Safety BC has created a preparedness guide for wildfires. To access this guide please click here. British Columbia uses the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System which indicates the potential risk for wildfires to occur.

What do I do if a wildfire is approaching where I live?

If you are in an area with an active wildfire near where you live it is important to follow the three steps of emergency preparedness (know the risks, make a plan, get a kit) and be aware of public safety information for your area. Ensure that you are familiar with the sources which can provide the most up to date information for your area. Emergency Info BC is a good source. To visit Emergency Info BC click here.

What do I do if there is an evacuation order?

If there is an evacuation order for your community listen to local emergency officials and follow the evacuation plan. Get your emergency preparedness kit and evacuate as soon as directed by local emergency officials.


FireSmart Canada is an educational resource that seeks to educate Canadians on the dangers of fires and how to prepare themselves, their homes, and properties for the risk of fire. Below are some valuable resources from FireSmart which will help you protect your home and community from the risk of fire. For additional information please visit the FireSmart website: https://www.firesmartcanada.ca/

FireSmart at Home

FireSmart wildfire checklist