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Bamfield Main Road Update – November 7, 2022

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For the period of November 7 – 13, 2022 the Bamfield Main Road detour remains in place from approximately 36 km to 58 km. Drivers can expect single-lane traffic and delays of up to 15 minutes at approximately three automated flag systems with pilot cars placed on both sides of the detour.  

Only industrial traffic will have access through construction areas. All other travellers are required to use the detour, and those who attempt to bypass the detour will be turned back.  

All traffic can expect new delays of 15 – 30 minutes outside of the detour as ditching is now underway at 34 km. New delays may be experienced at bridges as well. 

Please expect extra additional delays due to the changing weather conditions and the movement of construction materials and equipment. 

Speed should not exceed 60 km per hour, and drivers are required to slow down when construction equipment and crews are on the road. The RCMP will be monitoring for safe driving throughout the project and detour. 

Crews will continue to work on culvert replacement, borrowing, grid placement, ditching, and sign installations. 

Uyaqḥmis Citizen Success Nomination

Huu-ay-aht would like to recognize citizen success in every Uyaqḥmis newsletter. The person you are nominating will need to be interviewed in order for us to get details, as well as a photo, to be featured in the Uyaqḥmis and on our website. We will do our best to publish all nominees, but may depend on the volume of nominees.

Bamfield Main Road Update – October 27, 2022

The Bamfield Road Surfacing Project experienced it’s first heavy rainfall and we are happy to let you know that no sediment has gone into the river!

What did the crew do to prepare for this?

Along the bank of the river and lake, where the road is higher than the body of water, they line it with riprap. Riprap are large rocks (a foot or bigger). They are placed tightly together along the banks so when the rain is hitting the road and draining towards the river or lake, the sediment gets filtered through the riprap. This works both ways as well. When lake and river waters rise from a lot of heavy rainfall, the riprap will prevent the road from getting washed away from these rising waters. This is an important feature to protect our wildlife and keep our drivers safe. Good job road crew!

Riprap placed along Sarita River

Ditch You Know?

The new ditches have all been hydro-seeded or hand seeded and new growth has sprouted for many kilometres. While we wait for the grass to grow, rock check dams have been placed in the ditches to reduce the flow rate of water, which allows any sediment to settle out. The runoff is being monitored by the team and they are checking critical areas to ensure there is no impact to the waterways.

Rock check dam in the ditch
Rock check dam slowing down the flow of water

Bamfield Main Project Update

Bamfield Main Resurfacing Project Header

Some of the reasons why you should not drive through the construction zone:

The crew is busy repairing many culverts for proper drainage. This creates very large holes in the road that would be hard to see, especially in the dark.
Unexpected traffic puts the road crew at risk. They work around noisy equipment, may have hearing protection on, and will not hear traffic coming.
Equipment could potentially be left on the road so crew members can pick up where they left off the next day. These could be hard to see at night as well.
If you were to have an accident, get a flat tire, or your vehicle was to break down, you could potentially be stuck there for a very long time as no other traffic would be coming along.
Vehicles driving through the construction site can also cause damage to the road setting progress back and making the road project take longer.

Three bedroom housing unit is available for November 1, 2022

Huu-ay-aht First Nations has a three-bedroom subsidized rental unit available in upper Anacla. The rent will be as per part 2 section 16 of the Rental Housing Regulation.

Deadline to apply: October 31, 2022
Date the unit is available: November 1, 2022

Application for housing

An eligible individual may apply for subsidized housing by filling out the housing application (available online or at the Anacla Government Office) and returning it by emailing it to rentalhousing@huuayaht.org or dropping off at Anacla Government Office.               

*An existing applicant can confirm their existing application on file, which can be used. Please ensure all information is still current.