Public Notice of Special People’s Assembly with agenda

Bamfield, Anacla, and Nitinaht notice of closure
see here for more information: Lands and Permitting Page

Notice of delay on By-elections 2020

Public Notice for Vacant Council Position

Public Notice of Resignation of Connie Waddell

Canadian Navigable Waters Act

Public Notice of Legislature

Residential Lease Regulations Public Notice

Public Notice of burning

Public Notice of Application for an Interest in Huu-ay-aht Lands 2019

Public Notice of Speaker Appointment 2019

Public Notice of the Legislature 2019

Public Notice of the Spring 2020 Session of the Legislature

Notice of Non-Replaceable Forest License 2018

Notice of Pachena Bay Campground 2018

Notice of Speaker Appointment 2018 – call for nominations

Notice of Speaker Appointment 2018