Mission and vision

As a leader among First Nations, the Huu-ay-aht will create certainty for its people and generate wealth for financial independence by providing economic opportunities, social, cultural and recreational programs for all Huu-ay-aht.

Naaca maʔał Huuʔeeʔatḥ ḥaaʔak

ʔuukʷaqḥwitas ʔuuʔaałuk quuʔas minḥ

ʔiisaakstał ʔuusaḥqƛin čačimhi.

Hupuk̓ʷanim, ciqyak, łim̓aqsti, tanaqił minḥukqin


The Huu-ay-aht envision a strong, self-governing and self-reliant Nation. Iisaak will guide us as we work together to foster a safe, healthy and sustainable community; where our culture, language, spirituality and economy flourish for all.


One Comment on “Mission and vision”

  1. Alishia Fox November 18, 2015 at 10:55 am #

    It’s too bad the band is electing to destroy the land and sea by supporting PATH. Please explain how an LNG shipping terminal will benefit the people, culture, environment and spirituality? From where I stand, it merely supports lining the pockets of a few while destroying the lovely good of the many. Tell me, what is the plan to protect Barkley Sound and the whole region from a likely ‘mishap’ or spill? What will become of the waters when they are even more stained with leaking fuel from these tankers? What will become of the already in danger fish habitats that are essential to feed the people. There are so many questions and the people deserve to know your answers!

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