A few things for people who are in housing or who are looking for housing.

New Applicants

  1. If you have a housing application submitted and haven’t updated your information, please contact the Housing Coordinator.
  2. All applications have to be renewed every year, March 1. This is when the new fiscal year rolls over. This is not a new policy, it has been with Huu-ay-aht since day one. So, if you had a housing application filled out before march 1 of last year, it is no longer valid and your name is no longer on the list. Get a new application to the Housing Coordinator right away.
  3. Once you have filed an application with the Housing Navigator you need to call one of the offices at 250-723-0100, 250-728-3414, or 250-731-5676 to make an appointment. A short interview is needed. The list is done by a point system, this is not a new policy with Huu-ay-aht. If you do not make an interview you will be on the list, but you will have zero points. The interview won’t take long.
  4. If you are no longer needing to be on the list, please let the Housing Navigator know so the next person can be moved up.

Leased Tenants

  1. If you have signed a 99 year lease with Huu-ay-aht, please remember that you own the house and that all repairs are your responsibility.
  2. If you are in need of some work we can help you find workers who will travel to Anacla but the expense is on you. Remember you bought the home for $1 and was informed that the onus would be on you for all repairs. This is not Huu-ay-aht responsibility.
  3. If you are an Elder who needs help, please contact the Housing Coordinator and they will help you.

There is a large shortage of homes and Huu-ay-aht is working very hard to get people in homes as soon as they can.

Please, citizens remember that Huu-ay-aht is here to help you. We want nothing but the best for all our citizens and we are trying to accommodate everyone to the best we can.

– Housing Navigator