Are you interested in building your own home in Anacla?

Huu-ay-aht First Nation is currently accepting expression of interest letters from Huu-ay-aht citizens.

Please send your expression of interest letter to

Are you looking for rental information? Visit our Rental Housing page.

Anacla Building Lots Update

The six lots that have been allocated to Citizens to construct their own homes are now available.  The road in has been constructed, but not finished yet and services are into the lot lines, including sewer and water.

As noted below, these lots are available at a cost of $1 per year on 99-year leases.  Citizens will be responsible for their own financing. However, the lots themselves have a value that could be included as equity in a project when discussing financing.  In addition, citizens may group together in family units to construct housing.  While there will be building requirements, multi-family units are possible. These lots are only available to citizens.

The first step in the process is to prepare and submit an expression of interest.  This should include:

  1. A list of all adults included in the application.
  2. Type of unit interested in constructing.
  3. Plans for financing the construction.
  4. Lot number interested in.

Contact for further information and questions.

Six Building Lots Available for Huu-ay-aht Citizens Coming Soon

The Huu-ay-aht Executive Council has approved the designation of six building lots in the Anacla subdivision to be made available to citizens to lease a lot and construct and own their own home. These lots will be available to citizens at a cost of $1 per year on a 99-year lease.

The lots are located off Nookemus Road, closer to the House of Huu-ay-aht than the existing housing and are all located on a “cull de sac” temporarily called Road B (which will be named appropriately) so that they will be in a separate section of the subdivision. On the building plan, these are identified as lots 3 through 8. The lot plan follows and shows the locations of the lots and the House of Huu-ay-aht and the new Cultural Centre.  The lot sizes are as follows (all figures in square feet)

  • Lot 19 12091 (Southwest corner or west side of Road B)
  • Lot 18 12042
  • Lot 17 14115
  • Lot 16 14155
  • Lot 15 12000
  • Lot 14 12000 (Southeast corner, or right side of Road B)
lease lot plan map

All of the lots will be connected to services to the lot lines, including sewer and water.  These are being constructed currently and the road will be gravel initially. The lots have been cleared and are available for construction starting in August 2022.  The lots can be viewed now, providing construction activity is not underway.

Citizens should be aware that they are fully responsible for obtaining their own financing for the construction of homes.  The value of the lots will be determined through financing appraisals but should count as part of the equity in a home.

There will be additional requirements in terms of the time allowance for construction, what types of housing can be constructed, requirements to meet building codes and uses of buildings.  These will be provided at a later date. Initial inquiries should be directed to, no phone calls, please.

Citizens who are interested and feel they have the financial resources to construct their own home will be asked to complete an application form by Sept 15, 2022.  The applicant’s financial resources will be an important part of the review to ensure that if allocated, citizens will be able to financially complete construction.  These applications will be reviewed and allocation decisions made on the lots.  Should not all lots be allocated, there will be an open process on the remaining lots based on a first come basis after the initial allocation.  If there are more applicants than lots, a lottery will be held to allocate lots.

Additional Information for Leased Tenants

  1. If you have signed a 99-year lease with Huu-ay-aht, please remember that you own the house and that all lot and home repairs are your responsibility.
  2. If you are in need of some work we can help you find workers who will travel to Anacla but the expense is on you. Remember, you bought the lot for $1 and were informed that the onus would be on you for all repairs. This is not Huu-ay-aht responsibility.
  3. If you are an Elder who needs help, please contact Rental Housing and they will help you.