22) Minutes and Resolutions

People’s Assembly 2015 Public Notices

21) Financial Information for People’s Assembly

21A) Consolidated Financial Statements 2015

21B) HFN 2015 People’s Assembly – MNP Audit Presentation

20) Four-year action plan

19) 2015 Peoples Assembly FINAL Agenda (Updated)

18) Executive Council Portfolios

16) Qualifications of McIntosh, Norton & Williams to be appointed as auditor under the Financial Administration Act

15) Update to November 2014 Citizen Motions

14) Report of Executive Council on Amendments to the Financial Administration Act regarding Auditor Qualifications

̣13) Four-Year Action Plan

12) Public Notice: Addition of Motion regarding Appointment of Alternate Tribunal Member 

11) 2015-11-12 Revised Motion re Appointment of Auditors 

10) Legislation Changes

9) Executive Council Report

8) 2014 – 2015 Annual Report and September 30, 2014  Quarterly Financial Statements

7) Motions Passed 2014 People’s Assembly


5) Report to PA. Amendments to Government Act re. Law Clerk

4) Report to PA. Amendments to Government Act re. Notice and Delivery Requirements

3) Report on Appointment of Auditor 2015-2015 (updated)

2) 2015 People’s Assembly Public Notice 

1) 2015 People’s Assembly Agenda

Postings for 2015 People’s Assembly

Livestream of the 2015 People’s Assembly

People’s Assembly 2015 Date Announcement

Registration Form

For craft tables, please contact Coraleah Johnson at 250.720.0100, Ext. 224.

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