The Ha’wiih Council is integrated by the Hereditary Chiefs who represent seven houses. They provide the Huu-ay-aht Government with advice and take care of protocol during cultural events.

Its current members are:

  • Derek Peters (Tliishin) – ʔApwinisatḥʔ
  • Jeff Cook (Yaalthuu-a)- Yaałuuwaštak̕amałtḥ
  • Christopher Williams (Wiiḥiʔakčik)- ƛamahuus
  • Andy Clappis (Siichaachisht’uulth) – Kuukw’iis
  • Tom Happynook (Hupinyuk) – Čačaaḥsiʔas
  • Bill Frank (ƛ̕aacmiik)
  • Darlene Nookemus (ʔemptiss) – Ḥaw’eḥtak’amłatḥ

According to the Constitution Act:

2.13 There shall be constituted an advisory body to the Huu-ay-aht First Nations Council composed of the Huu-ay-aht Ha’wiih, to be known as the Ha’wiih Council.

2.14 Representation on the Ha’wiih Council shall be determined in accordance with customary practices.

2.15 Prior to passing any laws, the Huu-ay-aht First Nations Council must seek and consider any advice from the Ha’wiih Council.

2.16 In addition to the role contemplated in 2.15, the Ha’wiih Council shall assume those additional roles and responsibilities contemplated in this Constitution.

Constitution act
Huu-ay-aht First Nations
page 9

2 thoughts on “Ha’wiih Council

  1. I found an old piece of paper among my family’s papers, probably from the 1940s or 50s. (I grew up in Bamfield.) This is titled “Biography for Annie Clappis – Basket Weaver,” born June 23, 1922 at Dodgers Cove. It says, “She is from the Ohiaht Band which is located at Pachena Bay.” I see that one of your council is also a Clappis. If you’re interested in the original, let me know where to mail it. Otherwise, give me an email for someone I could send a scanned copy to. Best regards, Maureen (Schutz) Buffington.

    1. Thanks for your note. There are many of Annie Clappis’ family in Anacla still, including Charlie Clappis, who is on council. I am sure they would love to have the original or a scanned version. Please call me at the office – Heather Thomson, 250-723-0100 and we can make arrangements.

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