Current Legislation

On this page you will find official consolidations of all Huu-ay-aht Legislation currently in force.  All Acts and Regulations on this page have been consolidated to include all amendments in force up to December 18, 2014.  Please see the Legislation Archive page for a complete record of all Huu-ay-aht Legislation enacted to date.

For a record of all amendments made to Huu-ay-aht acts or regulations, please consult the Record of Legislative Amendments.

Budget Act, 2017 (HFNA 2/2017)

Budget Act, 2016 (HFNA 1/2016)

Budget Act, 2015 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2015, as amended by HFNA 1/2016)

Budget Act, 2014 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2014, as amended by HFNA 4/2014, HFNR 3/2014 and HFNA 2/2015)

Budget Act, 2013 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2013, as amended by HFNA 1/2014)

Budget Act, 2012 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2012, as amended by HFNA 1/2014)

Budget Act, 2011 – Official Consolidation (HFNA 8/2011, as amended by HFNA 1/2012)

Citizenship and Treaty Enrolment Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2011)

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 4/2011, as amended by HFNR 1/2015)

Community Planning and Development Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 10/2011)

Constitution Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 1/2011)

Economic Development Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2013, as amended by HFNR 1/2015)

Effective Date Procedures Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 15/2011)

Election Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 6/2011)

Financial Administration Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 7/2011, as amended by HFNA 2/2013, HFNA 3/2013, HFNA 2/2014, HFNA 1/2015 and HFNA 1/2017)

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 2/2012, as amended by HFNA 1/2015 and HFNA 4/2015 )

Government Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 3/2011 as amended by HFNA 3/2013, HFNA 3/2014 and HFNA 2/2016)

Policies and Rules

Public Complaints Policy (Executive Council Resolution #2015-058)

Rule of Practice and Procedure: People’s Assembly Public Notice Requirements (Executive Council Resolution #EC-2015-11-004)

Interpretation Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 14/2011 as amended by HFNA 2/2013)

Land Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 9/2011, as amended by HFNR 1/2015)

Offence and Law Enforcement Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 12/2011, as amended by HFNA 3/2013 and HFNA 1/2015)

Real Property Tax Act (HFNA 12/2011)

Referendum and Recall Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 5/2011)

Resource Harvesting Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 11/2011)

Tribunal Act – Official Consolidation (HFNA 13/2011)

Policies and Directives

Tribunal Directive 2011-2: Tribunal Rules of Practice and Procedure

Tribunal Forms

Tribunal Directive 2011-3: Usual Time Periods for Tribunal Matters

Tribunal Directive 2015-1: Filing of Applications to Tribunal 


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