Budget Act, 2014 Amendment Act, 2014

Budget Act 2014

Budget Act 2013

Budget Act, 2012

Citizenship Act

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Act

Community Planning and Development Act

Constitution Act

Economic Development Act – March 2013

Effective Date Procedures Act

Election Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Financial Administration Act * see Miscellaneous Statues Amendments Act

Financial Administration Act, Amendment Act, 2014

Government Act  * see Miscellaneous Statutes Amendments Act

Government Act Amendment Act, 2014

Interpretation Act

Land Act

Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act – March 2013

Offense and Law Enforcement Act

Real Property Tax Act – not in force until the Executive Council passes a resolution bringing the act into effect.

Referendum and Recall Act

Resource Harvesting Act

Tribunal Act

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