2021 Kiix̣in Tour Season a Success

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Kiix̣in tours have had a successful 2021 tour season. Tours have been running through the summer since July and will be concluding on September 12. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has limited the capacity of the tours in half to only ten participants. Despite these challenges, however the tour team is now able to offer sunset tours of Kiix̣in which are available on Friday and Saturday evenings. The tours have seen over 300 participants this year who have come to observe and take in Huu-ay-aht history and culture. Full-time tour guides Wišqii and Stella Peters were fortunate to have Olivia Peters join the team as a youth tour guide. Closing out the season the remaining tours for 2021 are almost fully booked. If you have not had a chance to see Kiix̣in and would still like to please visit https://kiixin.ca/ and book your tour today! 

2 thoughts on “2021 Kiix̣in Tour Season a Success

  1. very proud of Wisqii and Stella for their awesome work and knowledge and for teaching Olivia the importance of our culture.

  2. I Am wondering if there is a way to vist this site other then suggested tour , I been wanting to visit this site ever since I heard of it and may run out of time for this tour.
    Micha Ginger

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