New Executive Council receives portfolios

The 2019 Huu-ay-aht Executive Council is less than a month into its term, and already the elected members are busy working for their Nation.

One of the first orders of business is assigning the portfolios for each councillor. This is the responsibility of the Chief Councillor, and earlier this month Chief Councillor Robert J. Dennis Sr. handed out the first of these. This is the initial list, and it is subject to change and may be adjusted as the council settles into their roles with the Nation.

Councillor Connie Waddell will continue with the Finance Committee and will take on the Citizen Development Committee. The Ḥaw̓iiḥ Council and Citizenship and LNG will be the responsibility of Tayii Ḥaw̓ił ƛiišin (Derek Peters). Councillor Trevor Cootes will continue to be responsible with Economic Development and External Affairs. Treaty Implementation, LNG, Cooperative Management Board (Parks Canada), and the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District still remains in Councillor John Jack’s portfolio. Councillor Charlie Clappis will take on the Infrastructure and Housing portfolio. Health, Lead Language and culture portfolios will go to Edward Johnson Jr. The Chief Councillor will be the Chief Negotiator and LNG and Huu-ay-aht First Nations Government Representative with other Indigenous Organizations.

The Executive Council will hold its first regular meeting in the Anacla Council Chambers on Thursday, July 11.

4 thoughts on “New Executive Council receives portfolios

  1. Why wouldn’t forestry and fisheries be a portfolio by themselves? Membership is already kept in the dark on amount of logging we do , especially when it comes to old growth and fisheries is also a very important part of our Nation

    Language and culture to me seems to be more of a administrative position, not something I’d elect someone to do

  2. so what about our Natural Resouces… Forestry, Fisheries etc…is that not something that a Councillor should look after …

    1. Hi Stella. This is just the beginning. Other portfolios will be appointed later.

    2. Hi Again Stella. I looked into this a bit deeper. Lands and Natural Resources will fall under Treaty Implementation and include consultation with Ḥaw̓iiḥ Council.

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