Notice to Anacla and Bamfield residents

The Pachena Bay campground will be closed to the public from June 26-28 due to a Private function hosted by the Kindle Arts Society.


No citizens or visitors will be permitted entry and a temporary fence will be erected to maintain the privacy of our guests. The side beach will remain accessible.


Both security guards and the RCMP will be on site during the function. Please respect the privacy of our guests during this time.


The Kindle Arts Society is a non-profit society dedicated to creating art in the community of Victoria. Their private function at Pachena Bay (known as “Otherworld”) is an experiment in temporary community.


If you would like to learn more about the Kindle Arts Society, visit their open house from 10-12 on June 27 at the campground. This is the only time that guests will be permitted during the event.

You can also learn more about the society by visiting their website:



Thank you for your cooperation.

Issued by the HFN group of businesses.


Please download the notice here!

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