4 Days Until Peoples’ Assembly


10.  TRANSPORTATION TO PORT ALBERNI.  If you require transportation to Port Alberni from southern Vancouver Island, contact Kristen Young in the Anacla Government Office to put your name on the list.  Call 1-888-644-4555 or email reception@huuayaht.org

9.  HFN AND HDC UPDATES.  Learn about the government and economic initiatives that are taking place now and planned for the future.

8.  APPLY FOR OR RENEW YOUR STATUS CARD IN PORT ALBERNI.  Rosie Marsden from NTC will be in attendance at the People’s Assembly in Port Alberni. She will be there from 9 am with her own table and photography equipment to update or process new status cards.  It will be your responsibility to bring the necessary documentation to obtain a status card. For more information please contact Rosie Marsden directly.

7.  FAMILY PHOTOS IN PORT ALBERNI.  If you are attending the Peoples’ Assembly in Port Alberni, you will have an opportunity to have digital photographs taken of you and your family.  Denny Durocher will be in attendance to take photos and you will be able to get a digital copy of the photo.  It’s a great opportunity to get together with your Huu-ay-aht family and friends, share meals together, attend Peoples’ Assembly, and have professional photos taken of the occasion.

6. CHILDREN’S PERFORMANCE.  The Huu-ay-aht children who attend the Bamfield Community School have been hard at work preparing for their debut at Peoples’ Assembly, with the support of our Huu-ay-aht Education Worker, Maggie Peters.  The children will share some of the traditional dances, songs, and drumming that are part of their curriculum at the school.

5.  CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES IN PORT ALBERNI.  Professional childcare workers in Port Alberni will help keep your children occupied with fun activities so that you can give your full attention to the meeting. 

4.  DOOR PRIZES IN BOTH LOCATIONS.  There will be door prizes drawn in both Port Alberni and Burnaby locations.  Both locations will have an ipod Mini and a premium Canon camera to be won by an eligible voter, as well as gift cards.

3. BREAKFAST AND CHRISTMAS LUNCH.  Share a meal with your Huu-ay-aht family and friends.

2.  SOCKEYE FOOD FISH DISTRIBUTION IN PORT ALBERNI.  Arrive early and stay until the end of the meeting and you may receive up to 4 frozen sides of sockeye.  See details below.  Please bring something to transport it in after the meeting.


1.  To help shape the future of Huu-ay-aht First Nations by fully participating in the hard won right to govern ourselves.



To encourage HFN voting citizens to arrive early at the Peoples’ Assembly in Port Alberni and to stay until the end:

The first 50 HFN voting citizens to register for the Peoples’ Assembly can use their voting card in exchange for 4 sockeye at the end of the meeting.

The next 50 citizens (#51 to #100) to register can use their voting card to exchange for 2 sockeye at the end of the meeting.

All remaining citizens with voting cards may exchange it for 1 sockeye at the end of the meeting

All sockeye will be given out at the end of the meeting.  Remember to bring a bag.


In our photo today, Councillor Sheila Charles invites you to Peoples’ Assembly.

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