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Derelict Fishing Gear Retrieval

Huu-ay-aht fishers: There is now a free program available offered by a local scuba diving company that offers to retrieve these nets from reef without cost or penalty to the fisher in order to minimize impact of these nets on the marine environment. Please call Peter Mieras at 1 877 777 9994 for more info or […] 

Update for September Session of Legislature

Please see Public Notice below regarding the change of date for the second and third sitting of the Legislature to September 30, 2014 and  amended Agenda. Public Notice for September Session of Legislature – August 25, 2014  

HFN citizens go on facility tour in Alberta

A delegation of Huu-ay-aht First Nations citizens is heading on a fact-finding trip to visit a natural gas operation in Alberta. The trip will take place Sept. 4 and 5, and will include eight Huu-ay-aht citizens who represent a cross-section of the population and different segments of the community. The purpose of the trip is […] 

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